High Low Laser removes hair effectively by killing the blood supply to the hair rootL


Yes (Including Tanned Skin) No The long pulse width used in diode lasers enables us to treat darker skin types effectively


Every three months Monthly Our highly effective laser means fewer sessions to pay for


Pain free Painful The chill tip and suction technology of our laser allows for painfree treatments


From 4 – 6 10 and above Our high powered lasers destroy the hair root cells and so the hair is unable to grow back


Starting from £50 Starting from £40 With Centros Único everybody can enjoy being hair free!


Why Get Laser Hair Removal?

There are many reasons why people might choose to have a laser removal procedure performed. The most common reason is the presence of unwanted hair or hair that appears to be unsightly in appearance. Many people find hair that grows on certain parts of their body to be unattractive and many take daily steps to remove it. For many women, the presence of dark and thick hair on their upper lip, arms, legs, back and around their bikini zones is embarrassing and annoying. For plenty of men the idea of having an extremely hairy back or shoulder region is just as embarrassing. Laser hair removal can help both men and women feel better about their appearance.

There are also some specific medical reasons that may cause people to want to remove some of their body hair with a laser. Some people suffer from conditions known as hypertrichosis and hirsuitism. Hypertrichosis causes the excessive growth of body hair in both men and women. This excessive amount of hair can occur in either a normal pattern or in an abnormal pattern. Most patients with hypertrichosis find their abnormal amount of hair to be unattractive. The exact cause of hypertrichosis is unknown, although scientists think that the condition may be genetic, or the result of a hormonal problem, certain medications, certain tumors, metabolic problems or even malnutrition. Hirsuitism also causes excessive hair growth in women, but this growth usually occurs in a male pattern. This condition can cause women to develop facial hair such as a beard or mustache, or it can cause unsightly hair to grow on their lower abdomen or back. Hirsuitism may also be the result of hormonal problems, medication use, tumors or genetics. People with hypertrichosis and hirsuitism usually want to rid themselves of their unwanted hair and laser removal techniques may be an effective way to do so.

There are other reasons people may decide to get a laser hair removal procedure. Many people suffer from small red bumps known as razor bumps. These bumps are generally caused by irritation from shaving areas of sensitive skin. Razor bumps often appear as dry, red and sometimes itchy bumps around the shaved area. Other people experience a large number of ingrown hairs, which occur when irritation to the skin prevents a growing hair from penetrating the skin. As a result, the hair continues growing under the skin, creating a red, painful and swollen bump. Ingrown hairs have the ability to become infected. Removing the hair with a laser can help lessen the common problems associated with shaving, like razor bumps and ingrown hair

Many people attempt to remove unsightly hair through the daily practice of shaving. Although there are many sharp razors available on the market that can reduce the likelihood of cuts and nicks, there is always the chance of damaging the skin. Even tiny cuts and nicks of the skin could lead to possible infection and scarring. Laser hair removal can reduce or eliminate the need for daily shaving, which is one of the reasons many patients to choose to have the procedure done.

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There are lots of reasons why people choose to get hair removed from their bodies through the use of a laser. For some people it is simply a matter of improving their appearance by removing hair that they deem to be unattractive. Others need help with medical conditions involving body hair. For other people laser hair removal can help reduce the amount of daily maintenance required to remain attractive. Some patients want to avoid the hassle and worry of shaving every day. Laser hair removal treatments can benefit a large number of people.


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October 2013

Laser hair removal with Centros Unico. Now at Trinity Centre Leeds

Having hairless skin brings many benefits to our daily lives. The pace of life accelerates constantly leaving less time to look after ourselves.
When we do sport, the absence of hair reduces sweating, helps improve massages, promotes hygiene and the healing of injuries.Centros Unico-3
Dermatologists recommend laser hair removal as the most effective method to permanently remove unwanted hair easily and comfortably.
Diode laser hair removal in distinct from other types of lasers because it acts on the hair through the melanin, the pigment in hair that gives it colour. Melanin works as a conductor to the hair follicle, so destroying it. That’s what gives the treatment it’s overall effectiveness.
At Centros Unico, we only work with equipment that ensures the best results, such as the light sheer duet that offers the possibility of spacing sessions every 3 months. the light sheer duet differentiates itself from other lasers with it’s advanced dual head technology. The smaller head treats the smaller areas, the larger head with its unique vacuum technology, treats the areas in much reduced times. The lightsheer duet can be used on all skin types, including tanned, and can treat at any time of the year. In Centros Unico, the medical supervision used ensures the best results, along with the guidelines and recommendations for the laser treatment. What’s more, we use safe protocols that surpass all health standards. Lastly, we have a special post- laser cream that in addition to moisturizing, prepares the skin before, during and after the laser hair removal. thanks to the extra hydration offered by the cream, the sessions are even more effective generating the best results. we are so sure of the results that we offer, a quality guarantee of up to a year free…..

With Centros Unico you’ll love yourself more by taking care of yourself.

Centros Unico Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal with the Lumenis Lightsheer Duet

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